How to Catch Sturgeon Fish

Sturgeon feed on nearly anything that is remotely edible in the water. This ranges from insects and smaller fish to dead fish and other animals that have washed into the water.

Catching sturgeon is simply a matter of learning the right tactics and knowing what spots in the river or lake sturgeon are most likely to be found. You use different methods for lake fishing than you use for river fishing.

Choose appropriate bait. Sturgeon, like catfish, are attracted to messy, smelly baits such as cheese, salmon eggs or rotten pork.

Use the right tackle. Keep in mind that Sturgeon can reach 36.3 Kilogram, and a few 150 pounders have been caught. Choose a medium or heavy rod and use 15- or 30-pound test line, along with a sturdy hook.

Let your hook sit on the bottom of the water column. The water currents will move it around to grab the sturgeon's attention. When you feel a hit, wait a few seconds to set the hook.

Use tackle consisting of up to four hooks on the same line. You can do this by tying the hooks about 30 inches apart on a line, then attaching the rig to your main line with a three-way swivel.

Attach a float that keeps your bait a few inches off the bottom, then move the boat away from that spot until all four hooks are spread out.

Use the float to keep the line from getting tangled or hooked on something at the bottom if you have to move the boat.