How to Describe a Sunset

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The sunset is a beautiful act of nature that occurs when the day turns into night. Many describe this time of day -- when vibrant and rich colours fill the sky -- as their favourite. Many, take advantage of the sunset know that they will see one the next day and the next. Some, though, do not have the ability to see the same sunset that you are looking at. The only way they can know the beauty of it is to have someone describe it to them in detail. It may seem that such a sight is too beautiful for words, but you can accurately describe a sunset if you pay attention to details.

Use strong adjectives to describe the sunset. Adjectives are words that are used to describe something. These include colour words. Sunsets often fill the sky with beautiful colours. Use descriptive colour words to describe what the sky looks like. Use adjectives to describe how you feel and how the air feels at the time of the sunset. These type of words will make the sunset more real to the person you are describing it to.

Use verbs to describe the action of the sunset. Verbs describe action such as how the sun is moving. The sun may look like it is dropping from the sky or hiding behind a mountain. You can also use verbs to describe how the sun is interacting with clouds in the sky or how the colours of the sunset are moving across the sky. Verbs add dimension and realism to your description.

Use adverbs to modify the verbs you use. Adverbs will come naturally as you use verbs in your description. They are used to modify or describe verbs. Some examples adverbs that you may want to use in your description are quickly, slowly, warmly, suddenly, angrily, boldly, cheerfully and daintily.

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