Physical Characteristics of the Aquarius Sun Sign

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Astrology associates certain characteristics with each sign of the zodiac. This includes physical appearance as well as personality traits. However, not everyone born with the Sun in a certain sign will look the same. Most individuals have a blend of the physical traits of their Sun sign, Ascendant and Moon sign.

The placement of the planet(s) that rule those signs will also have an influence. For those with a strong Aquarian emphasis in the natal chart, the sign in which the planets Saturn and Uranus reside can alter the expression of Aquarius energy.


People with the natal Sun in Aquarius are often taller than the norm. (This will, of course, be relative to gender and genetic heritage.) Some famous Aquarians who exemplify this trait include Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Geena Davis and Vanessa Redgrave.

Body Shape

Generally, Aquarians do not have a tendency toward obesity. Tall Aquarians often have a long, lanky look. Often, Aquarians who lack height appear heavy at first glance, but a closer look usually reveals this is due to a compact frame carrying broad shoulders and/or a large chest.

Facial Features

Aquarius Sun individuals often possess facial features that are angular rather than rounded. They tend to have strong foreheads and jawlines, as well as unusually shaped noses. Many Aquarians have the type of face more often described as handsome and craggy than classically beautiful. Humphrey Bogart and Susan Sontag, both born when the Sun was in Aquarius, had the type of face very representative of this sign.


Aquarians are known for their individuality and nonconformity. Many of them display these tendencies very strongly in how they choose to present themselves to the world. Their self-presentation may incorporate unique hairstyles and clothing that reflects their personal sense of style. They prefer to either lead fashion or stand outside of it rather than follow trends.


In many instances, an Aquarius person's appearance may reflect both genders. An Aquarian woman may possess the broader shoulders associated with masculinity, while a male Aquarius might have a bone structure that gives him more typically feminine wide hips. Some Aquarius individuals have facial features that are neither markedly masculine nor stereotypically feminine.