How to Clean a Mackerel

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For those who love fishing or fish, nothing beats the taste of a fresh catch. Before cooking mackerel, it is important to clean them by removing the innards. With some easy steps, you can be enjoying your recently caught mackerel in no time.

Rinse the fish with cool water. Use tap water, rather than water from a river or lake.

Lay the mackerel on its side.

Cut a line along the belly of the mackerel to expose its entrails.

Cut down from the top to the bottom of the mackerel, behind the fish's head and fin.

Use your hands to remove the mackerel's entails. Simply pull the out and throw them away.

Rinse the fish again.

Insert the knife into the slit you've just made, and slide it down the entire length of the fish, separating the meat from the bone. Remove the fillet.

Flip the fish. Repeat another cut down the length of the fish for the opposite side. Remove the fillet. Throw away the head, the spine and the entrails.

Remove the bones by slicing deep angled incisions on both sides of the bones so that you create a V-shaped wedge. Take out this wedge, and with it will come the bones.

Cut off the fins.

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