How to Keep Glycerin From Separating in Lip Balm

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When you make your own lip balm and other skin-softening products, glycerine is an adequate ingredient for a silky feel and moisture. However, when it isn't mixed properly, glycerine can separate in your lip gloss and balm formulas or cause them to sweat.

Preventing glycerine from separating in lip balm allows you to make a silky, smooth product every time.

Pour the beeswax pastilles and coconut carrier oil into one of the glass mixing bowls. Add glycerine and essential oil to a second glass bowl.

Microwave the bowl of beeswax and oil on high for one to two minutes or until it melts into a clear liquid. Meanwhile, stir the contents of the other bowl briskly.

Stir the glycerine and essential oil blend quickly into the melted wax and oil blend. Stir for about 30 seconds. When the glycerine is added to the wax before it starts to cool, it has time to blend in without separating or pulling away from the hardening ingredients of the balm.

Pour the finished, hot lip balm into your lip balm container. Let it sit with the lid off for up to two hours, or until it reaches room temperature.