How to Charge a Mini Cooper Key

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In 1957, the Classic Mini Cooper was born out of a desire to battle high gas prices in England. A car company executive asked a designer to create a small, fuel efficient, affordable car that could seat four adults. The result was the Mini Cooper. Innovations included moving the wheels to the edge, flattening the roof and turning the engine sideways. These made the car a top seller in Europe. In 2002, with the release of the new Mini Cooper, the car became available in the United States for the first time. It crossed the ocean with several new options, including the Comfort Access key, which is rechargeable.

Unlock your car. You can do this by using the unlock button on the Comfort Access key or you can push the unlock button on the driver's side door. The door button will only work if you are within five feet of the car and have the key. The Mini Cooper key emits a low frequency that the car identifies and allows the door unlock button to work.

Place the key in the ignition. Some Mini Cooper models do not require the key to be placed in the ignition for the car to start. But if you are charging your key, you must put it in the ignition, regardless of your car's features.

Start the car by turning the key in the ignition.

Drive the Mini Cooper to your destination. The key will charge while you drive.

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