How to Make Shepherd's Hook Bookmarks

Individuals use bookmarks not only as tool in holding their place in a book, but also as a form of decoration. In addition to the standard paper and cloth bookmarks, some readers have formed metal hooks and adorned them with beads and ribbon. These hooked bookmarks, better known as Shepherd hooks, are made by using string, twine or wire to attach beads and other decorations to the "eye" of the metal hook. These are simple to make and can be crafted to a person's colour and design preferences.

Thread a single bead onto your string or wire and secure it by tying one end or using a crimp bead. Note that you can get something known as an eye pin at your local craft store. These eye pins have a flat end, allowing you to thread beads onto the pin without them falling off. Use whatever works best for you. If you want your decorations to have a little give, use string. If not, some wire or an eye pin will do.

Add more beads onto your wire or string to create a pattern. Try making more than one decoration for your Shepherd's hook and have them dangle at different lengths for an artistic effect. Use a theme if you plan to give your bookmark as a gift. For example, if this gift will be for a baby shower, find beads that look like baby blocks, teddy bears, bottles and rattles.

Avoid covering your entire string or wire with beads as you'll need to use some of it to attach your decorations to the eye of your Shepherd's hook. Loop the free end of your string or wire into the eye of the hook and either tie it off if you're using string, or twist the wire around itself three times.

Use pliers to close off the wire if it's too hard to twist with your bare hands.

Cut off the excess wire or string by using a pair of scissors or jeweller's grade wire cutters. Sand the end of your wire with a metal file to remove any sharp edges.

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