How to delete tweets from others

Twitter is a social networking service that allows users to share 140-character messages with each other. "Follow" friends and people you find interesting and view their "tweets" or status updates in your timeline, serving as the home page or news feed.

Other users can follow you so that your tweets appear in their timelines. If you begin receiving a handful of unpleasant tweets in your timeline, you unfortunately cannot delete the other user's tweets, but block the user. Blocking a user effectively deletes their activity from your timeline, any "@" mentions they sent to you and any updates in your timeline.

Open your Web browser, navigate to Twitter's website and log in to your account.

Find the Twitter user whose tweets you wish to remove. Click on their user name to view their profile page. If you know their Twitter user name, you can go directly to by simply inputting their name after the Twitter address in the browser bar.

Click the person icon at the top of the Twitter timeline to "Open" the "Actions" menu and select "Block." Once blocked, all tweets from that person will no longer appear in your timeline.