How to Use ooVoo on an iPod Touch

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If you are accustomed to using ooVoo on your computer to do voice calls and video chats with people over the Internet, you might also want to use ooVoo on your iPod Touch. The iPod Touch, a portable multimedia player made by Apple, has a touch-sensitive display, two built-in cameras and a microphone, and it connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, making it suitable for video calling with the free ooVoo app. You can make voice calls and video chat with up to five of your contacts at once with ooVoo on your iPod Touch.

Press the "Home" button, located below the multi-touch display of the iPod Touch.

Tap the "ooVoo" icon to launch the app.

Type your ooVoo name and password at the prompt.

Tap "Contacts" at the bottom of the display. A list of your contacts appears. If you want to communicate with someone in your contacts who isn't registered with ooVoo, tap the "Plus" sign, and then tap "Invite a Friend." Your iPod Touch's contact list opens. Tap a name in your device's contact list, then tap the email address, and then tap "Send" to send the invitation to join ooVoo. When someone joins ooVoo, her name will appear in your ooVoo contacts list.

Tap a name in your contacts, and then tap "Start Voice Call" if you want to start a voice call. Tap "Start ooVoo Call" if you want to start a video call. If you want to start a call with multiple people simultaneously, tap the "Plus" sign, then tap "Select Multiple." Tap up to five ooVoo contacts to select them, then tap "Add," and then tap "Start Voice Call" for a voice conference call or tap "Start ooVoo Call" for a video conference call.

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