How to Remove Uric Salt

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Uric salt is the residue left behind by urine. Also known as urine crystals, this residue is the source of the urine's odour. When cleaning pet messes with regular household products, the uric salt is not properly destroyed. For total elimination of the salt crystals and the bad odour, you must use a bio-enzyme solution. The enzymes attack and destroy the odour, causing residue.

Saturate the fresh stain with cleaner. If the urine is on bedding or carpet, apply enough to soak into the item as much as the urine has.

Cover the area with cling film if the stain is older and already set. Urine smell will become stronger at first, then fade. Leave the cling film on for up to two days. For fresh messes, allow for the cleaner to dry thoroughly.

Repeat steps until the urine smell is completely gone. For older stains this may take up to four applications.

Add a small amount of water and blot the area. This removes the excess cleaner.

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