How to make a greek scroll

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A scroll is a roll of paper with important information. The Ancient Greeks used scrolls made out of papyrus. Children who learn about Ancient Greece in school would benefit from creating their own scrolls. Students can create a short report on Greek culture and write it on their homemade scrolls. The scrolls can be presented and shared with the class in the form of an oral report.

Lay three to four sheets of 8 1/2-by-11-inch typing paper in front of you, slightly overlapping on the 8-1/2-inch ends. Tape the sheets together.

Prepare a pot of homemade tea, then wait for the tea to cool off. Dip a sponge in the tea and press the sponge down on your paper. Repeat until you have covered every sheet of paper. Allow the paper to dry. This gives the paper an aged look.

Set one wooden paper towel holder down at each end of your paper tower. Fold the top end of the paper up over the paper towel holder and tape across the top of the paper to attach it to the holder. Repeat on the opposite end of your paper tower with the other paper towel holder.

Roll each paper towel holder toward the middle until the two meet. Tie a ribbon around your new scroll to keep it from unravelling.

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