How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles in Decoupage

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Découpage is the art of covering objects in paper using a special glue called découpage medium. The possibilities for découpage crafts are many: you can give new life to old furniture, make colourful jewellery or create collages on canvas, glass or wood. One problem you may encounter when decoupaging is small air bubbles that form under the paper. This problem can be particularly frustrating when you attempt to work with large pieces of paper.

Work with small pieces of paper and wet them with water before applying them to the surface to which you wish to attach them and brushing on the découpage medium. For very thin paper like tissue paper or napkins, which can disintegrate when wet, use a light spray glue instead of water. Spray a thin coat of glue onto the surface you wish to cover, stick the paper on and brush on the découpage medium.

Apply diluted glue to your finger tips and carefully smooth down any air bubbles that occur as you lay the paper down.

Wait for the découpage medium to dry until it is tacky to the touch.

Puncture small air bubbles with a straight pin and brush on more découpage medium.

Cut larger air bubbles by making a small slit down one side with a scalpel or craft knife.

Scoop up a tiny bit of découpage medium on the end of a toothpick and carefully push the tip of the toothpick underneath the bubble. This will coat the back of the bubble with glue so that you can smooth it down with your fingers.

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