How to Use the Staff of Tuzu in "The Sims: Castaway Stories"

"The Sims: Castaway Stories" places you and your Sim on a deserted island, where you must try to survive. Players have the option of two different game modes: story mode and regular mode. In story mode, players follow 24 chapters of scripted events that reveal how you and several other Sims became stranded on the island. Near the end of the story mode, players find the Staff of Tuzu, which has a number of different uses, such as healing other Sims or opening doors.

Load "The Sims: Castaway Stories" and begin playing through story mode.

Find the Staff of Tuzu in the hollow tree trunk in the Petrified Forest.

Right-click on objects or Sims that you want to use the Staff of Tuzu on to bring up available options.

Select the action that you wish to perform with the Staff of Tuzu, such as "Heal," "Punish" or "Open." Your Sim will take out the staff and begin to wave it around to perform the action.

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