How to Make a Mirror Ball Suit

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A mirror ball suit is an unforgettable outfit and you are sure to be noticed while wearing one. Despite its eye-catching, glittery appeal, however, you are unlikely to find many of these gems hanging on the racks. Making your own personal mirror ball suit is a valid alternative than searching stores for a suit that fits. The two major styles of a mirror ball suit are the track suit and the traditional business-style suit.

Use a cheap or used suit that fits you well. If you are going the disco suit route, use a tight-fitting suit with bell-bottomed trousers and wide, 70s-style lapels.

Select a suit of any colour, but bright colours are best. White, blue, silver, orange or yellow are good selections.

Arrange the mirror shards on the suit in the pattern you desire. For example, set the mirror shards in a solid pattern, over every portion of the suit fabric. Scatter the shards over different areas, staggered, or use sparingly in some areas while excessively in others. Put them on the collar or lapels in a solid pattern and put them on the rest of the suit in more of a polka dot staggered pattern.

Glue the mirror shards on the suit fabric using the hot-glue gun. Use plenty of glue, but not so much that it becomes messy or makes the suit too stiff.

Remove any trailing threads of glue and lightly pull at the mirror shards to see if they are securely glued. Shine up the mirrors with a little glass cleaner and a paper towel.

Select mirror-ball-like fabric that is iridescent, shiny, spangled or sequinned.

Trace your own pattern by laying a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of trousers together on a large piece of paper and tracing the outline as one large piece. Use well-fitting shirt and trousers that will make a well-fitting tracksuit that is not baggy.

Cut out the tissue paper pattern.

Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut out the shape according to the pattern. Repeat to cut an identical second piece.

Place the right (shiny) sides of the fabric pieces against each and sew up the edges, except for the arm, leg and head holes. Sew carefully according to the lines to avoid bunching or bagginess.

Select a zipper that will match or blend in with the shiny quality of the outfit. Measure the zipper.

Create a place to install a zipper by cutting the back of the suit down the middle, starting from the neck. Make the cut as long as the zipper.

Install the zipper, rejoining the cut made on the back of the suit so you may be able to zip the back up once you have the suit on.

Hem the leg, arm and neck holes.

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