How to Make an Origami Dove From Doilies

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You can make lacy paper doilies into delicate doves with a few simple folds and a couple of cuts. Although traditional origami always begins with a square sheet of paper and involves no scissors, the dove is a variation using round paper and cutting it twice.

The project is simple enough to use as a child's art project, yet the resulting dove also looks sophisticated enough to use for bridal showers or wedding reception table decorations.

Fold a round paper doily exactly in half. The model is now a half circle.

Fold the half circle in half again. Crease the fold well and unfold.

Position the half circle on the table with the folded edge toward the left. The crease from Step 2 should be horizontal and bisect the model.

Fold the lower left straight edge to meet the horizontal crease. Crease the fold well. Now fold the upper left straight edge to meet the horizontal crease. It also meets the former lower left edge.

Fold the model in half along the horizontal crease. The two flaps from Step 4 will be tucked inside. Now the model looks like a wedge with the lacy part of the doily at the end opposite the point.

Find a point on one straight edge of the wedge about 1/3 of the way from the point. Place the edge of a ruler on this point and lay the ruler's edge parallel with the other straight edge of the wedge. The edge of the ruler will intersect with the lacy end of the wedge about 1/3 of the way across.

Cut the wedge along the ruler's edge starting at the lacy end. Cut about 2/3 of the way into the wedge. Keep the cut lined up with the ruler's edge.

Place the wedge on the table so that the folded edge is at the top. Pick up the top layer of the wedge at the lower lacy corner. Fold this part upward and make the crease of the fold at the point where the cut ends. Make the crease of this fold parallel with the top, folded edge of the wedge. This fold forms one wing of the dove. Turn the model over and repeat this fold to make the other wing.

Press the point of the wedge so that it goes inside and protrudes below the wedge. This is the beak of the dove. You will have to reverse the direction of the fold at the point of the wedge about 1/8 of the way from the end so that the point juts below the wedge. You must make a diagonal crease in the wedge on both sides of the beak so that it lays flat, is tucked inside and protrudes below the wedge.