How to Calibrate a MadCatz PS3 Controller

The PS3 controller that comes with the Sony PlayStation 3 uses Bluetooth to connect to the PS3. Third party controllers, like the MadCatz PS3 controller, use wireless USB connections to connect to the PS3.

The MadCatz PS3 controller uses a USB flash drive that automatically calibrates the MadCatz PS3 controller with the video game system.

Turn the Sony PlayStation 3 on and insert the wireless MadCatz USB connector into the PS3's USB input port on the front of the PS3.

Push the battery cover release button on the back of the MadCatz PS3 controller. Pull the battery cover off of the controller.

Insert the two AA batteries into the back of the MadCatz controller and connect the battery cover.

Slide the power button on the bottom of the MadCatz PS3 controller to the "ON" position.

Press the "Home" button on the MadCatz PS3 controller and the USB connector syncs with the MadCatz controller and the PS3 is now able to use the controller. The controller is now calibrated.