How to cancel a steam account

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Steam is a computer video game website that allows a user to login to his account and purchase video games. Once you open a Steam account you can begin downloading new games to your computer to play. If you decide to cancel your Steam account for any reason you must uninstall the application from your computer.

When you do this you will lose all of your games; if you don't want to lose your games you should not cancel your account.

Delete or remove all games from your Steam account by uninstalling the program from your computer. Exit your account. Go to your computer home page and click the "Start" button and then click on the "Control Panel" button. Open the "Add or Remove Programs" feature.

View the list of programs on your computer, click on the "Steam" link and then click on the "Change/Remove" link. Choose "Automatic" and then click "Next." Select "Finish" to complete the process of uninstalling Steam. This is the only way to remove the games from your steam account so that the company will delete your account for you.

Refrain from logging into your account or use your account in any way if you want to cancel your account. Steam accounts cannot be cancelled by request; all accounts that have no games and are inactive are deleted automatically by Steam.