How to cook a raw ham shank

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A ham shank is the bottom part of a hog's leg. The shank meat cut comes as a portion, a half, or a whole shank. The portion shank will often have the centre steaks removed. The half or whole shank will have the centre steaks intact, as well as bone and skin.

Before you begin to prepare a raw ham shank for cooking, record how much it weighs.

Calculate the thawing time needed by multiplying the weight of the ham by five hours. Place your ham shank into a refrigerator to thaw.

Heat your oven to 162 degrees C after the ham is defrosted.

Allow the defrosted ham to come to room temperature by setting it on the counter for one hour prior to cooking.

Line the baking pan or roasting pan with foil. This is optional, but it makes cleaning up easier.

Place the raw ham shank into the baking pan and add 1 to 2 cups of water.

Cover the pan with foil and press it tightly around the edges to form a seal.

Calculate the cooking time needed by multiplying each pound of the shank by 35 minutes.

Place the pan in your preheated oven. Cook your ham for the amount of time you calculated using the 35 minutes per pound method.

Verify that your ham shank is fully cooked by using a meat thermometer. The internal temperature needs to reach 71.1 degrees C.