How to Make a Cousin It Costume Images

Cousin It is a classic television character from "The Addams Family" series. The character is completely covered with long hair and wears only a hat and sunglasses. Creating a homemade Cousin It costume might seem daunting because it is difficult to find a wig that is long enough.

If you get creative with the costume, however, you can easily make one yourself.

Use a basketball as the model for your head while you make the costume so you don't have to wear it the entire time you make it.

Place a layer of cling film over the basketball. This is so the super glue will not stick to the ball when you adhere the yarn onto the pantyhose.

Stretch the pantyhose over the basketball. Trim away the excess material until you are left with a stocking cap.

Measure the person who will be wearing the costume from the top of their head to the tops of their feet, so you know how long your yarn pieces need to be.

Take a large ball of yarn and begin cutting pieces that are the correct length. No matter the height of the person you are creating the costume for, you will need many balls of yarn to create this costume. Look for bulk packages of yarn at craft stores.

Glue the yarn pieces onto the stocking cap. Place a stripe of glue onto the stocking cap from the centre of the top to the bottom of it. Place several pieces of yarn onto the glue and press them into place. Continue repeating this process until you have glued yarn all the way around the stocking cap.

Cut more yarn pieces to the correct length and create another layer of yarn hair over the first layer. This will give your Cousin It costume more thickness.

Finish your Cousin It wig with a third layer of yarn pieces over your second layer.

Remove the stocking cap from the basketball and place it on the head of the person who will be wearing the costume. The yarn should completely cover the face and body.

Wear a bowler hat and a pair of sunglasses to complete the outfit.