How to Get All the Obsidian Pieces in Titan Quest

"Titan Quest" is an action/role-playing computer game that allows you to control a hero who battles mythological beasts across ancient Greece, Egypt and China. You can equip items found in chests and dropped from enemies, with rare and valuable items being found during more difficult encounters. The five Obsidian pieces make up a full set of menacing armour plus a weapon, and they can all be found during the beginning stages of the game. Although item drops are randomised in "Titan Quest," there are methods of increasing your odds of completing the set. The individual items you need to complete the Obsidian set include the Obsidian Helm, Breastplate, Greaves, Bracers and a weapon called the Obsidian Crescent. Be aware that duplicate items can sometimes appear.

Start a new game if you are already beyond Act 2. All of the Obsidian items are found during the Greece portion of the game (Acts 1 and 2).

Play through the main quests with the objective of defeating bosses and opening Majestic Chests, as this is where the Obsidian items will appear. The Obsidian pieces are classified as Epic items, meaning they will appear blue when dropped. Majestic chests are large golden chests and usually guarded by bosses that need to be defeated for the chest to unlock. Bosses in "Titan Quest" are more difficult enemies that typically have names and mark the end of a major quest. Do not complete Act 2 before finding all of the items.

Farm specific bosses for increased chances at receiving items. Farming entails replaying the same portions of the game while accumulating all the loot. Defeat a boss, pick up the loot and save your game. Reload the game and play through the quest again, taking care to not speak to the character that gave you the quest, as this will complete it and prevent the boss from appearing. The benefit is that it allows you to improve your chances of finding rare items like the Obsidian pieces by increasing the amount of item drops. The best chances for receiving unique and rare items come from defeating high-level bosses such as the Telkine.

Install modification programs, or mods, to alter game files and improve your chances of finding rare items. Mods vary from changing the appearance of your character and enemies to being able to alter statistics of items. To obtain the Obsidian pieces, use a mod such as Defiler to increase the amount of loot dropped from chests and bosses, as well as the probability of finding rare items.

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