How to Make Fabric Tulips

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Use up leftover fabric scraps from previous sewing projects while simultaneously creating an everlasting floral centrepiece with handmade fabric tulips. Your handmade cloth tulips will never wilt, exist in any colour your like and cost far less than constantly replacing dying tulips with fresh ones. Use the tulips as a centrepiece for your dining room table, or give them as a gift to a friend who needs cheering up.

Measure and cut a 3-by-5-inch piece of fabric. Line up the 5-inch edges of the fabric with the wrong side of the fabric facing out, and sew them together with a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Iron the seam allowance open.

Fold the raw edge around one of the open ends down one inch. Iron the fold.

Loosen the tension and lengthen the stitch length on the sewing machine. Sew a basting stitch around the other open end of the fabric.

Wrap a wooden skewer with green florist tape. Insert one end of the skewer into the fabric piece from the folded edge to the end with the basting stitch so one inch of the skewer sticks out of the stitched end.

Pull the tails of the basting stitch to gather the fabric around the skewer. Wrap the tails of the thread around the gathered fabric in opposite directions three times before knotting them together.

Flip the fabric piece up to form a cup shape at the top of the skewer. Fill the cup with fibre fill until only 3/4 of an inch of space remains at the top.

Bring the top edge of the fabric in to the middle at four equally spaced points along its circumference; think of these points as east, west, north and south. Sew the east and west points together, and sew the north and south points together, each with five overlapping overcast stitches.

Fold a green felt sheet in half. Draw a leaf shape on the felt with tailor's chalk; make the leaf about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide at its widest point. Cut the leaf out through both layers of felt so you have two identical leaves.

Measure and cut a 4-inch piece of floral wire. Place 1 1/2 inches of the wire between the two felt leaves. Secure the leave to each other with the wire between them using hot glue.

Hold the leave against the stem of the flower with the wire running down the stem. Wrap the wire to the stem with florist's tape to attach the leaf to the stem.

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