How to Store Banana Leaves

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Banana leaves have several culinary uses throughout the world. While you don't typically eat the actual leaves, you can use them as vessels for food. The leaves can be anything from a wrap for rice to a plate for an entire entrée. Banana leaves tend to come in bulk packs, which may leave you needing to store some of them. Improperly stored leaves are susceptible to rot and mould growth, but if you store banana leaves the right way, they can remain in good condition for several months.

Wrap the banana leaves with cling film. Wrap them as tightly as possible to keep air away from the leaves.

Place the wrapped leaves in a freezer. If possible, do not stack anything else on top of the leaves, as they can be fragile when frozen.

Remove the leaves about 30 minutes before you intend to use them. Since the leaves are so thin, they take little time to thaw out.

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