How to Write a Funny Wedding Poem

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If you're going to make a wedding speech or toast, you may want to entertain the wedding guests with a bit of humour. Creating a cute, funny poem is a great way to honour the bride and groom while getting a few laughs, too. Plan ahead - you don't want to throw together a wedding toast the day of the wedding.

Try not to be crude, sarcastic or insulting, but instead be lighthearted, reminiscent and playful.

Choose the type of poem you're going to write. There are many poetry forms to choose from. Limericks are often humorous. They're five lines long - the first, second and fifth lines rhyme with each other, and the remaining two lines rhyme with each other. If you don't want to stick with a particular type of poetry, you can write a free verse poem. Or you can choose a rhyming style of your own devising.

Introduce yourself in a humorous way. Work who you are into the poem so that the crowd knows who you are and why you're making the speech. A little self-deprecating humour is always entertaining and will show that you're down-to-earth.

Comment on how beautiful the bride looks. Any type of wedding toast or speech, including a poem, should praise the bride in some way.

Include a funny memory that you share with the bride and groom. You can also mention funny personality traits of the bride and groom, as long as they won't be embarrassing or insulting. If you've grown up with either the bride or the groom, bring up funny memories from your childhood.

Write from the heart. Even if you want to make a laugh-out-loud wedding poem, you should still be somewhat sentimental.

Mention other people at the wedding, including the couple's close family members and the bridal party.