How to Draw a Deer Drinking Water

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Watching animals in their natural habitat is one of the most fascinating parts of being in the forest. If you've ever seen the serene simplicity of a deer sipping water from a lake or other body of water, you know how unforgettable that image is. Drawing a deer drinking water allows you to recreate such a remarkable image just by using your knowledge of rendering shapes. This is also a suitable activity for sketch artists who need to increase their skills and enrich their technique.

Draw a large horizontal oval on your paper. This will be the body of the deer. Near the right end of the oval draw a circle overlapping it of approximately the same height as your oval.

Draw a curved line extending downwards at an angle from the top of your circle. This line should be half the length of your oval. This will be the neck of your deer. Draw a teardrop at the end of this line with the point of the teardrop facing down. This will be the head of the deer.

Sketch the other side of the neck by making a curved line that starts at the teardrop and ends at the oval.

Draw in the four legs of the deer, making series of two parallel lines four times over, that meet together at the bottom.

Sketch the other side of the neck, by making a curved line that starts at the teardrop and ends at the oval.

Draw the ears of the deer, making small ovals on either side of the head. Draw two sets of antlers, making them as simple or elaborate as you like.

Shade in your main lines and start to add details such as the hooves of the deer, the colouring and shading of it fur. Draw a slight curvature to each of its legs to make them look more realistic. Shade in the head of the dear, rounding out the shape of it head.

Draw in the eyes, making them slight slits, as if it were drinking with its eyes shut. Shade in the snout of the deer at the tip of the head. Erase all guiding or overlapped lines.

Draw a horizontal curvy line just beneath the snout of the deer. This represents the water the deer is drinking from.

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