How to Make Crystal Balls

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If you are planning to host a magic-themed party or dress up as a wizard, fortune-teller or gypsy for Halloween, consider making a crystal ball for decoration or to accessorise your outfit. Creating crystal balls can even be incorporated into the event as a craft project for your guests to participate in. Homemade crystal balls are not only inexpensive but they are so simple to make that even a child could do it.

Place newspaper over a flat work surface to protect it. Cover the surface of an 8-inch styrofoam ball with glue. Styrofoam balls can be purchased at local craft stores. Pour glue onto a paper plate and roll the ball in the glue until the surface is completely covered.

Wrap a 10-inch-long sheet of tinfoil around the ball. Smooth the surface of the tinfoil with your hands to remove as many wrinkles as possible. Press the tinfoil to the ball while the glue dries. Trim any excess tinfoil edges off.

Pour glitter onto a second paper plate. Roll the tinfoil-covered ball in glue to coat the surface. Remove the ball and hold it over the plate of glue until any excess glue has dripped off. Roll the ball in the glitter on the paper plate until its surface is completely covered. Place the ball on a sheet of tinfoil and let it sit for 15 minutes to give the glue a chance to dry.

Cut a plastic cup in half with a pair of scissors and discard the bottom half. Paint the resulting ring with black acrylic paint. Decorate the ring with fake gemstones and glitter once the paint has dried to make a base for your crystal ball.

Gently shake the crystal ball over the glitter plate to remove any loose glitter. Glue the top of the plastic cup ring to the crystal ball over the spot where it rested while drying. Set the crystal ball down on its base while the glue dries.

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