How to Enable the Record Button in VLC on a Mac

The VideoLAN (VLC) media player is a lightweight and versatile audio and video player that is freely distributed and may be downloaded from the website. Versions of VLC are available for Mac, PC and Linux operating systems. The VLC media player includes the "Record" feature.

However, the feature is not enabled by default. To enable the "Record" button in the VLC player on a Mac, access the "Advanced Controls."

Open the VLC media player program.

Click the option labelled "View" on the top navigation bar in the VLC player window.

Click the "Advanced Controls" option. The "Record" button, along with the other recording controls are added to the VLC player interface.

Play an audio or video file and press the "Record" button to record the media. The recorded file is saved as "VLC Record" along with the time and date the recording was made.