Instructions for the Tekno Poo-Chi Robot Dog by Tiger Electronics

The Poo-Chi robotic dog is an interactive toy by Tiger Electronics. This robotic puppy acts like a real dog and will stand, sit, dance and sing for your affection. The interactive puppy also plays games and is able to sense lights, sound and touch.

It reacts to other Poo-Chi pets by using infrared technology, allowing them to communicate and interact with each other. The Poo-Chi robotic pup features movable ears, real puppy sounds and bright LED eyes.

Locate the battery compartment on the back of Poo-Chi's head. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to loosen the screws and remove the battery compartment door. Insert three AAA batteries according to the polarity guides shown inside the battery compartment. Replace the battery cover and tighten the screws. Press the "Reset" button on the inside of Poo-Chi's mouth.

Place Poo-Chi on a flat, smooth surface indoors. Allow enough room for your pup to sit, stand, dance and move.

Wait for the puppy to stop moving to activate one of the three sensors. Activate the "Light" sensor by slowly passing your hand over the front of his nose. Poo-Chi will respond.

Clap your hands, or make a loud noise to activate the "Sound" sensor. Poo-Chi will respond.

Activate the "Touch" sensor by pressing the button on top of his head. Press the button one or more times and Poo-Chi will respond to you. Quickly press the button six times and Poo-Chi will perform a special trick and play with you.

Feed Poo-Chi his bone to make him happy. Grab the bone in the middle and hold it in front of Poo-Chi's mouth. Poo-Chi will begin making eating sounds. He will respond with his happy eyes and begin wagging his tail.

Wait for Poo-Chi to stop moving to listen to a song. Place your hand over his nose and rapidly press the "Head" button five times. Poo-Chi will sit down. Remove your hand from his nose once you hear three short beeps, then quickly press the "Head" button to hear a song.

Press the "Head" button once to hear the "Wedding March," twice to hear "Camptown Races" and three times to hear "Bingo." Quickly press the button four times to hear "I've Been Working on the Railroad," five times for "Beethoven No 9" and six times to hear "When the Saints go Marching In." Once the song you have chosen is over, Poo-Chi will return to normal play mode.

Communicate with other Poo-Chi pets by placing two Poo-Chis face-to-face, approximately 6 to 12 inches apart. Wait for the pups to stop moving then press the "Head" button on both pups at the same time. They will respond by speaking. The two pups will start singing if they like each other, or will start growling if they do not. The pups will return to normal play after two minutes. Repeat this step to continue communication.

Continue playing with Poo-Chi to keep him happy. Poo-Chi will try to get your attention, then sit down, close his eyes and begin to snore. After three minutes, Poo-Chi will fall into a deep sleep. Press the "Head" button once to wake him up. Press it a few more times if he does not wake up immediately.