How to make a paper chicken beak

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Chickens are often used in children stories, books and cartoons to spark children's interest in a topic or just to make them laugh. Chickens are also seen on kitchen ceramics, wall art and other creative displays.

You can make chicken crafts from paper, like the open and close paper chicken beak that you might have made as a kid. This paper beak take just a few minutes to create.

Place the construction paper vertically on a flat table in front of you.

Fold the bottom left corner to the right side. The tip of the left corner should meet the right side about 2 1/2-inches below the right corner to create a diagonal fold.

Cut the 2 1/2-inches of extra paper off. Unfold the diagonal paper. The shape is now a square.

Fold each corner of the construction paper to the centre of the square. The square is smaller now. Turn the square over so the folds are flat on the table.

Fold each corner of the small square to the centre again. Fold the square in half by folding the bottom up to meet the top. The shape is a rectangle.

Position a thumb in each of the top pockets formed by folding the squares. Place your forefingers in each of the bottom pockets. Slowly pull open the pockets with your fingers to make a triangle. This is your chicken beak.

Tape the top two sections together and the bottom two sections together. Now you can insert your fingers to open and close your chicken.