How to Install MoonShell on a DSi

MoonShell is a multimedia player for the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DSi. It is a home brew program -- homemade software usually available as freeware. MoonShell is one of the few programs available that will allow your DS and DSi to run videos, view images and other multimedia functions all in one program.

Getting MoonShell involves downloading it from the Internet and transferring the data to your handheld system.

Obtain the MoonShell file from the Internet. Search for "MoonShell" and "DSi" in any Internet search engine. Open the .exe file and extract all the files into a folder. Put the folder in a location you can easily find. Plug your MicroSD card and USB adaptor into the computer.

Access the folder you made and open the set-up file. Pick your preferred language. A list of all the drives on your computer pops up; once prompted, select the drive location of your memory card. Choose install, which takes several minutes to finish.

Sort and delete certain files. Delete the moonshl2 folder. Delete the NDS files moonshle.nds, moonshl2_AltLoader and moonshl2_DirectBoot. Do not delete any of the other files. Close the folder. Eject your drive safely from your computer.

Load the MicroSD card from the USB adaptor into your flash card. Turn on your Nintendo DSi. Run the file "moonshl2.nds." The program lists the controls and options at the start screen.