How to Make a Crystal Ball for Halloween

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Crystal balls have been a featured component in fortunetelling practices for centuries. Creating your own crystal ball would be a useful Halloween decoration or prop for masquerading fortune-tellers. Assembling the crystal ball requires only a couple steps and minimal supplies. However, you can decorate the prop numerous ways and may want to add stickers, rhinestones or painted embellishments to distinguish your crystal ball. Illuminate the ball from within by placing neon glow sticks on the inside.

Remove the glass fixture from its base.

Place star stickers on the glass orb.

Spray the frosted glass spray paint in one even, light layer over the whole exterior of the glass. Give the paint several minutes to thoroughly dry.

Remove the star stickers.

Decorate the base with paint, stickers, gemstones or other embellishments, as desired.

Place the glass open-side down on the foam. Trace around it in a complete circle. Cut the circle out of the foam.

Carve small holes in the top of the foam just big enough to hold the glow sticks. Crack the glow sticks to light them, and place them in the holes.

Re-attach the glass to the base using the screws provided.

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