How to Delete Preloaded Apps on My iPhone

David Paul Morris/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Because your iPhone would be useless without apps, Apple preloaded it with a handful that enable you to use your device immediately. Unfortunately, the one-size-fits-all package of preinstalled apps has proven excessive for many iPhone owners.

Like you, they either have no use for some native apps, such as Stocks, or prefer to use more robust third-party apps available on the App Store. Sadly, you cannot delete unwanted factory-installed iPhone apps unless you jailbreak your device. But, you can tuck them away in folders and banish them to faraway home screens so that they effectively "feel" deleted.

(Optional) Tap "Settings" on your home screen. Next, tap "General," "Reset" and "Reset Home Screen Layout." This will consolidate your preinstalled apps on your first home screen without deleting any of your third-party apps. This is especially helpful if your native iPhone apps are currently scattered and intermingled with other apps on various home screens.

Hold your finger on any icon on your first home screen until they all jiggle. You can confirm that an app came preloaded on your iPhone by its obvious lack of an "x" badge, which otherwise would have allowed you to delete it.

Drag one unwanted native app over another. iPhone will create a single folder and propose a folder name. Click on the "x" in the title bar to summon up your keyboard and type a more appropriate name; for example, "Apps Be Gone!" or "Poof!" Tap the blue "Done" key on your keyboard to set your new folder name.

Tap outside the folder to return to your home screen of still-wiggly apps. Drag all other unneeded or superfluous native apps into the folder. You can add up to 12 apps.

Press your finger over your new folder for a couple of seconds. Drag it in its wiggly state to the upper-right corner of your screen and hold it there to flip through your home screens. Release your hold to drop your folder onto the first empty home screen.

Press the "Home" button below your display to stop all apps from wiggling and fix your new folder's location. Your unwanted preloaded apps will now be relatively invisible, isolated and packed to occupy the least amount of space in your most remote home screen. As a vague plus, if you decide you need one of these apps they're always there.

Repeat Steps 5 and 6 when your once-empty home screen containing only your unwanted apps folder begins to fill up with third-party apps.