How to Defeat the Titan Xan in "DragonFable"

"DragonFable" is a free online game wherein players train a dragon to fight and battle other dragons in campaigns or wars. The titan dragons, like Lava Titan Xan, are among the most difficult enemies. Defeating them requires high levels and the right moves. Lava Titan Xan's stats, such as hit points and health points, are on a sliding scale - they are a reflection of the player's strength. The stronger the player, the stronger Lava Titan Xan is.

Increase your dragon's levels. Though levelling up increases Titan Xan's levels, players need to have considerable strength and health to take him on.

Maintain health levels. If at any point during the battle your health points fall under 3000, use "Coil" immediately to stay alive.

Hit Titan Xan with the "Roar," "Burn" and "Mega" attacks. Cast "Regen" on yourself whenever your magic points get low.

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