How to get hairspray off glass & mirrors

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Hairspray does an admirable job of keeping your tresses in place, but it's a nuisance when it adheres to objects such as mirrors and picture glass during application. Once the hairspray dries on an object, you can't wipe it away easily with a wet cloth because it will smear and leave an unsightly residue. Instead, you will have to turn to the power of a solvent that will cut through the hairspray and restore your mirror or glass back to its original gleaming appearance.

Pour 1 tbsp of rubbing alcohol into a small container. Dip one side of a clean cotton ball into the solvent.

Rub the alcohol-soaked cotton ball on the affected area of the mirror or glass to power away the stains.

Wipe the glass or mirror with a clean, lint-free towel to remove any alcohol residue.

Check the surface for cleanliness and repeat Steps 1 to 3 if needed.

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