How to Hard Reset a Bosch DIVAR

Bosch DIVAR recorders keep a digital log of video taken with security cameras around your property. Performing a hard reset erases all stored video and restores the DIVAR's factory settings. The system's "advanced configuration menu," accessible from the main system menu using an administrator user name and password, provides access to the factory settings or "hard reset" option. Only perform a hard reset if you are erasing all content stored on the DIVAR hard drive.

Press the "Menu" button on the front of the DIVAR. The button has a black rectangle inside a square printed on top. The system menu appears on the screen.

Highlight the "Configuration" menu, marked with a wrench icon, by tapping the right arrow button. Press "Enter," marked with an arrow.

Highlight the "Advanced Configuration Menu" icon, a wrench in front of a DIVAR recorder, by tapping the down arrow. Press "Enter."

Select "System" from the vertically stacked options on the left side of the screen. Press "Enter."

Select the "Service" tab near the top of the screen. Press "Enter."

Highlight "Restore Factory Defaults" and press "Enter." Enter your administrator user name and password when prompted. The system performs a hard reset, erasing all data entered.

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