How to make a caller ID unknown

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If you ever need to make a phone call to a number you don't know, consider blocking your number from appearing on the recipient's caller ID display. This technique maintains your privacy and can also prevent your number from falling into the hands of the marketing department if you phone a large company. Just dial a simple prefix before entering the full number to hide your caller ID.

Pick up the telephone and wait for the dialling tone. If you are using a mobile phone, tap or click the green phone button to launch the dial screen.

Write down the number of the person you are calling and place it directly in front of you. If you didn't memorise the phone number, you should have it on hand and easy to access.

Dial "141" followed by the full telephone number. For example, if you are calling "0207 456 6789, dial "141 0207 456 6789" instead.

Listen for the ringtone as the telephone call goes through. If you are using a mobile phone, tap or press the green phone button after you type in the phone number to connect the call.

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