How to Delete a 4Chan Post

4chan is an online imageboard forum that allows its users to anonymously post pictures or comments on a variety of topics. Since 4chan is an anonymous forum, it does not require users to complete a registration form. 4chan users can, however, assign a password to each post they make. This allows them to delete the post if needed. Users who do not provide a password when posting a new message receive a cookie on their Web browser that stores an automatically generated password onto their computer. You can delete one of your posts on 4chan in just a few steps.

Launch your Web browser and visit the 4chan thread where you posted your message.

Click on the check box at the top of your post and scroll down to the bottom of the Web page.

Type your password in the box next to the "Delete" button. If you have not created a password when you posted your comment, 4chan will automatically read the cookie that contains the automatically-generated password and type the password for you in the box.

Click on the "Delete" button.

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