Leksvik Crib Instructions

The Leksvik crib is a piece of home furniture you can purchase at Ikea stores. The collection is made up of various wood pieces for many rooms of the house such as the bedroom, dining room and kitchen. The Leksvik children room series includes a baby crib that has a removable side and is height adjustable. The Leksvik crib has a number of steps to assembly but can easily be completed if you have the right tools and all the necessary parts.

Lay one side of the crib as well as the two gated pieces upside down. Fill in the bottom holes of the gates' ends with the small wood pieces, part 114959, and connect them to the side panel. You should have used four wood pieces.

Insert four screw tighteners, part 100514, in the top and bottom hole of each side rail by the connected end. Make sure the hole of the piece is facing outward so the screw can fit. Screw one of the longest screws, part 100136, in the outside holes of the side rail with the provided Allen key. You should have used up four screws.

Lay the other side rail upside down and attach it in the same way. Insert wood fillers on each bottom hole of the gates, connect to side rail, insert screw tighteners in top holes and screw together with Allen key. Set aside.

Lay the two side pieces for the bottom of the crib on the floor right side up. Attach the wood slats to each side by inserting the flathead pieces that are half grooved, part 110268, and hammer into the hole. Use a wood filler piece in between. You should have used 24 flathead pieces.

Turn over the side rail and gates to its side and choose a height that would suit your child. Insert two screw tighteners, part 100514, on each side and of the side rail and two Allen key screws, part 100136, from the side rail into the bottom piece.

Turn the crib right side up and use the Allen key to tighten the recently added screws on the side rail. Insert eight small Philips Head screws, part 116947, in the remaining holes on the inside bottom of each side rail. Insert eight flat-filler pieces, part 116948, in the outside holes of the side rail's bottom.

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