How to make a villager costume

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The term "villager" generally brings to mind images of medieval and Renaissance peasants. Villager costumes can include those of a field hand that worked the land under a wealthy lord or artisans who were skilled in a particular trade, such as the town baker, butcher, barmaid, blacksmith or shoemaker.

Create basic villager costumes that can be dressed up or down such as that of female villager, which requires long gypsy-like skirts and tight corsets or vests.

Put on two full-cut skirts with elastic waistbands. Gather a section of the top skirt and either knot it or tuck it into the skirts so the bottom skirt is visible. Use skirts in earth tones, such as brown and forest green.

Tuck a white, off-the-shoulder blouse into the skirts. Put on a tight-fitting vest over the blouse or wear a corset. Pick items in earth tones for either option. If choosing the vest, cut the buttons off the vest to form holes and lace up the vest with a piece of rawhide lace.

Wear leather sandals or leather ankle-high boots depending on the season. Wear a large pendant as an accessory, such as one that features a large cross or pentagram.

Style hair loosely or partially tied back with a strip of leather or ribbon.