How to Gift Wrap a Circular Box

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If you have a circular-shaped gift, such as a cookie tin or a hat inside a hat box, you may be perplexed as to how to gift wrap the item. Gift wrapping a round present requires a slightly different procedure that wrapping a standard square or rectangular item.

Wrapping a circular gift is fairly simple once you understand how measure, position and secure your wrapping paper during the gift wrapping process.

Measure around the circumference of the circle with a tape measure.

Add 3 to 4 inches to your measurement and cut this amount of wrapping paper in a standard rectangular or square cut.

Lay the wrapping paper face down on a flat, clean surface. Place the gift on its side on top of the wrapping paper. Position the present several inches from one end of the wrapping paper.

Tape the short end of the wrapping paper to the side of the circular object. Roll the gift on its side along the wrapping paper until you use the entire piece of wrapping paper.

Tape the end of the paper to the section of wrapping paper that you secured previously.

Lift the round item and place it on top of a smaller structure that is small enough to fit inside one open end of the paper and large enough to support the gift as you wrap the first round surface.

Fold the area where the paper overlaps toward the centre of the gift and tape it down.

Grasp the paper a couple of inches from the fold that you made in Step 7 and fold it in toward the centre of the circle. This fold should overlap the first fold slightly. Tape this section down. Continue folding and tape adjacent sections of the paper until you've covered the entire circular surface.

Flip the gift over and repeat the same process (Steps 7 and 8) on the other side.

Add bows or ribbons as accents to your gift. You can wrap a ribbon around the circumference of the object and you can place bows on one of the flat, circular surfaces.