How to Make a Map With Cities I've Visited

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A map indicating cities you have visited makes a great decoration for your wall. It sparks interest and conversation from your friends and guests; it also serves as a record of all the places you have been. It even can inspire you to dream up new destinations and plan future trips.

With a little preparation and care, you can make a sturdy, lasting poster map showing the cities you have visited without putting any holes in your wall.

Buy a world map that will look attractive on your wall. Try looking in bookstores, school supply shops or online stores. You also can print maps off websites. Bright colours will make the map pop, but other shades, like old-fashioned sepia, have their own charm.

Position the map in one corner of the foam board. Be sure that the foam board is bigger than the map.

Turn the map over and apply glue to the back.

Take up the map by its edges and carefully turn it over so that the side with the glue faces down. Starting at the corner, smooth the map slowly onto the foam board.

To help the glue set and to eliminate bubbles, press the book onto the middle of the map. Keep applying pressure while moving the book from the middle of the map toward each of the map's edges.

Let the glue dry for at least eight hours.

Lay the metal straight edge along the edge of the map adjoining the largest amount of empty foam board. Allow one-eighth of an inch or less of the map to show on the other side of the straight edge.

Place the utility knife right against the straight edge. Beginning at the far side of the map, cut through the foam board and the tiny portion of the map along its entire edge, using one cut if possible. Repeat for each edge.

Using adhesive and hang the mounted map on the wall in the place you have chosen.

Push the coloured pins into the map at all the cities in the world you have visited.

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