Silva Digital Map Measurer Instructions

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The Silva Digital Map Measurer allows you to accurately tell the distance from one point to another on a map. This device can be used with virtually any map--whether you are making a trip on foot, on the road or in the water. By using this device along with the information printed on your map and tracing your route, you will find out how far it is from one point to another.

Press the "Mode" button on the device several times until "Scale" is displayed on the screen. Press and hold down the "Adjust" button until a number appears on the screen. This number represents the scale of your map and will be noted by two numbers separated by a colon.

Turn the measuring wheel to change the first digit on the scale. Refer to the map you plan on using to find the scale and match the number to this. Typically, the first number will be one. When the first number is correct, press the "Adjust" button to move to the second number. Use the measuring wheel to change it to match the map and then press and hold the "Adjust button" to save your settings.

Press the "Mode" button several times until the display reads "Distance." Press the "Adjust" button located next to the "Mode" button until the display reads the measuring unit (miles, kilometres, etc.) the map uses for its measurements. This must match exactly or your reading will not be accurate.

Press the "Measure" button to begin taking a reading with the device. Place the centre of the measurement wheel on the map where you are beginning your trip and slowly move the wheel along the planned route. When finished, pick up the device and press the "Measure" button again to lock in the measurement you have just taken. To add additional distance to the measurement, press the "Measure" button and continue the route. To reset the measurement, press and hold the "Adjust" button for two seconds.

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