How to Update Multisim Database

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Many electronics teachers use Multisim to teach their students about circuitry. This program includes the schematics to thousands of real-life circuits, giving instructors a near-endless supply of examples from which to draw. As new circuits develop, though, an older copy of Multisim can become outdated.

Luckily, National Instruments offers a free file to update the database with all of the latest circuit schematics.

Download the "" file from the link in Resources below.

Unzip the file. To do so, you will need a ZIP archive program like WinZip.

Save the file titled "NI_Hardware_DB.prz" to your computer. You can do this by dragging and dropping it somewhere from the ZIP program.

Open Multisim.

Double-click the "NI_Hardware_DB.prz" you saved in Step 3.

Select "User Database" under "Target Database" in the Multisim window that pops up.

Click "Start."

Wait for the update to complete. When it does, click "Close."

Restart Multisim.