How to make a vacuum cleaner cover

Vacuum cleaners stick out like a sore thumb if not tucked-away in a closet or laundry room. To hide a vacuum cleaner, you can either recline it to a flat position and slide it under a bed or wedge into an inconspicuous nook. The other alternative is to fabricate a vacuum cleaner cover.

This may seem like a speciality task but can be made by a novice with little sewing experience.

Measure the height, width and depth of your vacuum cleaner. Generally, vacuum cleaners stand about 3- to 4-feet high and are approximately 1-foot wide and deep.

Purchase a section of fabric and a stuffed animal that match. The fabric's colour and pattern should match the head of the stuffed animal.

Gather the single piece of fabric, making sure it is large enough to wrap around the vacuum cleaner and cover it from top to bottom. Turn the fabric inside out.

Meet the two outer edges of the fabric together and sew a seam along the fabric lengthwise from top to bottom.

Remove the head off a stuffed animal and place the head into the sewn fabric, covering the head, leaving the neck partly exposed. Sew the neck to the fabric opening and then the fabric right side out.

Drape the cover over the vacuum cleaner to see whether it fits properly and conceals the vacuum completely. Add any embellishments you wish to make the cover appear more decorative. For instance, arms or anything else you'd like.