How to Draw a Chain Necklace

George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images

Drawing ads for your shop, boutique or store is a good way to attract customers. Some vendors who can't afford expensive graphic signs make there own. If you sell jewellery such as necklaces, you may want to draw a picture of a chain necklace to post at the window of your store. Drawing a chain necklace is not difficult at all.

Take your pencil and draw a big semicircle on your poster in any place you like.

Draw sixteen big oval-shaped loops along the semicircle, starting from the beginning to the end of the semicircle. One loop should slightly overlap the other loop adjacent to it. The overlapping will make each ring appear to be hooked to the other ring.

Take your pencil and draw oval-shaped loops with in each loop. This step will create a hole in each ring along your chain.

Draw little circles at the ends of your big loops. Each end should have nine little circles. The little circles should be drawn in a circular direction and shape. At this point your chain will almost be a full circle but with a space at the top.

Draw a medium-small oval loop with a tiny loop on it at one end of the chain. This will be the hook of your chain. At the other end of your chain draw a medium-small circle, this will be the loop that your hook is hooked on.

Trace everything drawn on the poster except for the semicircle line with a marker; pick the colour of your choice. Take your eraser and erase the semicircle line.

Using your markers colour in the rings of your chain. You can pick yellow or orange to represent a gold or cooper chain. You can use all the colours to create a multicoloured chain necklace.

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