How to Get Crash Shot in "Mabinogi"

"Mabinogi" is a free-to-play fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Players can customise characters with a range of hairstyles and faces and may choose between three different races: humans, elves and giants. Everyday "life" skills can be learnt, such as music composition, cooking, weaving and wood chopping. Along with learning skills, players are also able to team up together and fight monsters on fields and in dungeons. Attacking enemies with ranged skills is one option in "Mabinogi." One of the most powerful ranged attacks is known as the "Crash Shot" and can only be obtained by completing a quest.

Increase your "Ranged Attack" skill to level 9. This can be done by fighting enemies with ranged weapons, such as bows.

Speak to Arawan, a female combat instructor located in Dunbarton. She will give your character the "Fragmentation Attack" quest, which is required to obtain the "Crash Shot" skill.

Talk to Dorren. She is in front of the alchemist house in the town of Taillteann. She will request 100 Unknown Ore Fragments.

Collect 100 Unknown Ore Fragments using the Metallurgy skill.

Return to Dorren and give her the 100 Unknown Ore Fragments.

Speak to Lessar inside the Tir Chonaill school house. She will request that you hunt 30 Laghodessa.

Find the Laghodessa and defeat 30 of them. You may defeat Laghodessa of any type, including Sickle Laghodessa, Burgundy Sickle Laghodessa, Red Laghodessa and Spike Laghodessa. Two places to locate these monsters are Ciar Basic and Ciar Intermediate dungeons.

Return to Lessar. She will teach your character the "Crash Shot" skill.

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