How to Notify Google Maps to Update New Roads

Google Maps uses a detailed database of streets and highways to create mapping solutions for its users. Errors in this data caused by faulty mapping or Google's failure to track updates can cause Google Maps to create inaccessible driving directions or directions that take longer than necessary. Google relies heavily on feedback from its user base for information about mapping errors. To this end, Google has placed a feedback form in the bottom corner of Google Maps to allow users to notify them of changes or errors in their maps.

Type the location of the new road into the search bar on Google Maps and click "Search Maps."

Click "Report A Problem" in the lower-right corner of the map.

Drag the yellow and blue marker to the location of the new road.

Select "Street" from the "Which element is wrong?" drop-down box.

Type a short description of the new road in the "Problem description" text area. Include the new road's name and the approximate time that it opened.

Check "Email Me When This Problem Is Resolved" to receive an update when Google adds the new road to their map. Click "Report Problem."

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