Origami Wolf Directions

You can fold a piece of square origami paper into the shape of a wolf. Origami is the Japanese art of folding a flat sheet of square paper into shapes, such as a wolf or a crane. The common origami wolf design folds a paper wolf that is sitting with its ears perked up at attention. More intricate origami wolf designs create a wolf that is standing with its head raised in a howl. You can make your own origami wolves to decorate your room or give them away as gifts.

Place the paper on your workspace and turn the square sideways so that the bottom corner is facing you. Bring the bottom corner up to the top corner and make a crease.

Fold the left corner over to the right corner to make a right angle triangle with an open end on the left side. Fold the upper half of the lower flap up to the top corner. Flip the paper over.

Fold the bottom flap up to the top flap to make a triangle shaped accordion with the paper. Fold both of the ends into the centre of the shape to make the wolf's body.

Pull apart the right side folded flaps to create a leg and the neck of the wolf. Fold down the top part of the two folded halves to make the wolf face and ears.

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