How to make a "Two-Face" costume

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Harvey "Two-Face" Dent is one of the most tragic, compelling characters in the Batman saga. Memorably portrayed by Aaron Eckhart in "The Dark Knight," Dent is a principled district attorney who is hideously scarred. Driven mad by the experience, he becomes Two-Face, a villain obsessed with order, chaos and making life or death decisions based on the flip of a coin.

Search through your local thrift shops for men's suit jackets and trousers in your size. Thrift and charity stores tend to have a good range of clothing for projects like this and you should be able to find two of different colours without too much problem. If you can't, look for jackets and trousers which are drastically different weaves or material. Once you have them, lay each jacket and pair of trousers out individually and mark their halfway point with tailor's chalk.

Cut down the centre of the jacket backs with a pair of fabric scissors, leaving seam allowances on each side. Then do the same with the trousers. Either unpick the zip on the trousers and place it to one side or cut around the zip, making sure it remains intact. Once this is done, swap the halves so each jacket is made up of half of the two originals and likewise with the trousers.

Use a sewing machine to carefully stitch the halves together. Repeat this process with the trousers and try them on. Make any adjustments you need until the clothes are comfortable to wear. Mark the exact centre of your face with the tailor's chalk and apply the pink make-up and red scars to that side of your head to look like the scarred half of Two-Face. Finally, put the odd shoes on to complete the look.

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