How to Delete Your Habbo Account

Habbo Hotel offers a free service that game enthusiasts can use. You can build up a Habbo hotel room with "furni" by using credits. Yet, you may wish to delete your Habbo account for any number of reasons. In this instance, you can achieve this task by following some simple steps. Habbo does not come with a delete option, so you must follow a non-traditional procedure for deleting your account.

Log in to your Habbo account. Turn on Habbo.

Delete all furni in your rooms. Delete all of your rooms. Delete all of your credits. Habbo will delete your account shortly after a period of inactivity.

Go to your account settings. Click "Change E-mail Address." You can change your e-mail to a random and fake e-mail address. You will never hear from Habbo again. Do not send an e-mail to Habbo to request an account deletion. According to the Habbo frequently asked questions, they do not delete accounts upon request.

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