How to Make Earth Costumes

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The earth has many aspects to it that can translate into inventive and unusual costumes with a little imagination. These costumes do not require elaborate materials or planning, and they require just a few hours to complete. One earth costume to try is a globe costume. You can also dress up as the four seasons. These costumes work for Halloween, costume parties, school plays and community theatre events. Use you imagination beyond these costume ideas to come up with even more inventive earth-themed costumes.

Draw the shape of the seven major continents onto green felt. Make each continent about 6 to 8 inches tall and wide. Cut the continents out with scissors.

Glue the continents to the shirt and trousers in approximately the right locations based on a real globe. Allow the glue to dry for at least two hours.

Cut out a piece of white felt to look like melting snow. Punch two holes on either side of the felt with a hole punch. String elastic through the holes and tie in place. Wear the white felt as a hat to simulate the North Pole. Wear white shoes for the South Pole.

Divide the sweats into quarters. Half of the shirt will be spring and the other half summer. Make one half of the trousers fall and the other winter.

Decorate the spring quadrant with pale silk flowers and buds. Glue silk flowers to the shirt along with small budding twigs.

Decorate the summer quadrant with larger, brighter flowers. Glue silk sunflowers, large leaves and other greenery and flowers to the shirt.

Glue fall leaves to one half of the trousers for the fall quadrant. Glue small pumpkins, gourds, twigs or corn to the fall quadrant as well.

Cover the winter quadrant with white felt. Add small puddles of blue felt to make ice patches. Glue small bare twigs to the costume. Spray some glitter onto the costume to simulate glittering snow.

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